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Sanctuary Run 2 indications, tips, and traps – how to remain on your feet

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Sanctuary Run 2, the apropos named follow-up to Imangi Studios’ Temple Run, as of late dashed onto the App Store and Google Play.

Your point in this continuation is basically equivalent to it was in its ancestor: keep no less than one stage in front of the mammoth that is on your tail and run the extent that you can.

That is not as basic as it might sound, however, which is the reason we’ve made this convenient little guide for you.

Peruse on for a once-over of Temple Run 2’s controls, catalysts, capacities, and that’s just the beginning.

The essentials

In the event that you’ve played the first Temple Run, you’ll be more than comfortable with its spin-off’s controls. They’re the very same, all things considered.

Sanctuary Run 2’s relic-cherishing hero quickens consequently. All you need to do, at that point, is center around maintaining a strategic distance from the numerous obstructions and savage dangers that litter your slippery way.

Swipe upwards on your gadget’s presentation, and your on-screen explorer will jump into the air. Swipe downwards, and he’ll slide along the ground.

Also, you can manage him around corners by swiping left or right, and move him into the way of coins and catalysts by tilting your gadget from side to side.

You can enact a catalyst by twofold tapping your screen at whatever point the green power meter to one side tops off totally.

It’s about the cash, cash, cash

The frail remnants, pathways, and mine poles that you vocation around in this unending sprinter are inundated with collectible currencies, which you can spend in the in-diversion store on catalysts, capacities, and new characters.

Coins come in different hues, the most widely recognized (and least important) of which is gold. Progressively important coins will start to seem all the more oftentimes the further into a run you get.

Coins aren’t the main asset to pay special mind to on a run, however.

Sanctuary Run 2 has every second money: uncommon jewels. You’ll unearth these green gems now and again on your movements, however you can likewise get packs of them by means of in-application buys.

In the event that you bite the dust rashly amid a run, you can utilize pearls to in a split second revive yourself. You won’t lose any focuses or anything.

You can do this the same number of times as you need in a solitary round, yet the quantity of diamonds required pairs each time you choose to drag out your present life.

Capacity to the general population

As referenced above, Temple Run 2’s clamoring store is jam-stuffed with different catalysts, capacities, and playable characters.

Catalysts incorporate a shield that shields you from perils; an amazing magnet that sucks coins towards you; and a lift that impels your character advances at hyper-speed.

You can just take a solitary catalyst with you on each run that you make, so it’s essential that you pick admirably.

Lift is likely the best of the group. It makes you invulnerable, you see. While actuated, your symbol of decision will naturally turn corners, and go through deterrents and sidestep dangers as though they don’t exist.

The capacity to endure

Capacities (which are upgradable) increment the term of your different catalysts, and offer various different advantages, as well.

At first, you should concentrate on overhauling a couple of capacities as opposed to endeavoring to improve every one of them nine.

It’s a smart thought from the get-go to improve the ‘coin esteem’ and ‘coin magnet’ capacities, as these empower you to procure coins (which you can spend on consequent overhauls) a lot quicker.

From that point, you should need to consider boosting your ‘support separate’ capacity.

As its name proposes, this capacity manages the separation you travel when you actuate the lift control up.

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