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Name 萌將三國:Q版策略动作卡牌
Category Card
Size 36.5MB
Popularity 1621
Publisher Game Wanz You Technology
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/07/2022
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萌將三國:Q版策略动作卡牌 1. instant win2. no ads

萌將三國:Q版策略动作卡牌 Game Introduction :

Heavy strategy, lightly burn the brain, micro-gold, through time and space, choose good, and fight
Siege pool, extension of territory, killing Quartet, into the Central Plains, the king of the world
The annual strategy card game is on the scene. Experience the new gorgeous battle special effects, let go of the cumbersome operation, both brains and easy!
Wei, Yi, Wu, Qun four forces, unparalleled Lu Bu, Zhongyi Guan Yu, Zhi Yong Zhao Yun, Wolong Zhuge, traitor Sima Yi…. More than 100 three kings Meng, let you train you to pick.
Say goodbye to the turn-based system, fun and redefine the card game fighting style.
Multi-type hero restraint, match combination, to win more cards strategy
The legend of the Three Kingdoms, the hero Meng will be beyond imagination, the Three Kingdoms card strategy
The large-scale strategy RPG online game with the theme of the Three Kingdoms in the late Eastern Han Dynasty reproduces the famous historical battles in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in the game. The famous characters of the Three Kingdoms will also be presented to you. The late Eastern Han Dynasty, the country\’s turmoil earthquake chaos around the uprising continued, slowly formed also under this historical background of Wei, Shu and Wu Sanguo, this time as the lord of you will choose which side forces enter it, you can dominate the party from Did the princes reach the leaders of the three countries? Join the game and verify it!
All the military commanders of the Three Kingdoms era debuted, a variety of military commanders, want to succeed in the battlefield, upgrade the recruitment of the three kingdom generals, train military commanders, improve the military commander skills, and more soldiers will be transferred to upgrade, a series of military commander system to help you fight the battlefield And there are more top three purple military commanders, orange weapons will be for you to fight, easy to win!
Upgrading equipment is one of the characteristics of military commanders to achieve combat power. The more advanced the equipment, the greater the victory with a small loss! In addition to the basic upgrade enhancement, the equipment has the functions of refining, synthesizing and other forging equipment. It is sure that you will continue to enhance the strength of the military and quickly realize the dream of a hegemonic party.
Neighboring countries invade the Lord\’s hegemony and recruit more people to defend their own hegemony! It is easy to attack the city, and it is difficult to defend the city. You will form a legion with the lord, and bring the scepter to call the world to achieve the domineering army. When the three countries are in full swing, the blood bathing field will defeat the enemy, and all the subjects will surrender to you and admire you. One side of the industry is about to be completed!
In order to increase the strategic playfulness and strategy of the game, we have enriched the diversity of the military formation, which not only makes the original game more game-like, but also enhances the player\’s interest. In the game, the player needs to adjust the army\’s formation according to the opponent\’s different. In order to win as soon as possible, the player needs to be deeply familiar with the attributes of the formation, and come and experience it!
There is also an interactive system in the game, so that you feel that you are not alone. You want to group with your friends. Yes, we have private communication! I want to play Boss with a stranger group. Yes, we have a platform for recruiting people with lofty ideals! Warm interaction, let you experience a different fun online card strategy Three Kingdoms game!
The screen has a strong impact and the scenes are diverse.
The level design is rich in change, the ups and downs of the game story, the distinctive character, the top score
Freedom of the battle, commanding the army, strategy is king, burning the situation, fighting the king, creating an exclusive artifact

萌將三國:Q版策略动作卡牌 Game screenshot :

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