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Name ActiVote: Voting & Politics
Category Education
Size 16.4MB
Popularity 2436
Publisher ActiVote Inc
Score 6.0
Publish Date 30/06/2022
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ActiVote: Voting & Politics

ActiVote: Voting & Politics Game Introduction :

Make an Informed Vote

ActiVote is a safe environment for voter research. No ads and we do not share your personal data. An exciting tool that takes the guesswork out of voting and allows everyone to participate in elections at the local, state and federal level! You can see all your upcoming elections and candidates, participate in polls, and even figure out who to vote for by who shares your beliefs ーAND more!

Your voice is more important than ever. Let your opinions be heard and make change happen.


“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” ActiVote is here to encourage you to get you, and your friends, out to the polls!

– Find your public voter record and see all the elections you can vote in.

– See when your friends and family can vote and how often they actually vote.

Set US Government Policy

Never miss an election! We will let you know when you can vote and who is running in your local, state and federal elections. Keep track of your preferences & comments on candidates.


Ever wish it were easier to figure out which candidate believes what you believe without having to cut through all of the rhetoric? ActiVote shows where you are placed in the political spectrum compared to those running to represent you.


By answering ActiVote’s Daily Policy Questions, you build up your policy profile and can “plot your politics”: seeing where you stand compared to candidates for office and national political figures. It helps you:

– Decide who to vote for. We’ll show you who agrees and disagrees with you.

– Find out how the country feels about hard-hitting issues

With the ActiVote voting app, you can simply take a stand and see where you fit into the political spectrum. Works great with Gov2Go, MyVote, POLITICO, Democracy Now! and other government or news apps.


When an election comes up, you can view the entire list of candidates running and their support among ActiVote users. Participate in the polls and boost your candidate’s standing via the voting app:

– Rank candidates in order of preference

– View their standings in detailed polls, including instant run-off using ranked choice voting.

We love to hear from you, contact us at [email protected]


ActiVote: Voting & Politics Game screenshot :

ActiVote: Voting & Politics
ActiVote: Voting & Politics
ActiVote: Voting & Politics
ActiVote: Voting & Politics
ActiVote: Voting & Politics
ActiVote: Voting & Politics

ActiVote: Voting & Politics (16.4MB)

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