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Name Barbell Workout – Routines
Category Health & Fitness
Size 69.5MB
Popularity 3844
Publisher World Gym Fitness JS
Score 6.0
Publish Date 26/11/2022
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Barbell Workout – Routines

Barbell Workout – Routines Game Introduction :

Optimize your results with the best training and Barbell exercise app!
It is a personal trainer who will guide your workouts and your physical evolution.
In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscles, lose plates and stay fit from home or in the gym.
All plates training is designed by a professional fitness and bodybuilding trainer.
Each Barbell exercise has its respective explanation, illustrative images and an explanatory video, so you can execute it correctly.

💪 Create your own training routine, create your personalized training 7 days a week.

With the Barbell workouts and exercises app
Lose abdominal fat, get flat abdomen, chocolate bar and 6 iron abs. Exercises that help lose abdominal fat, fitness and strengthen the muscles of the entire body.
Warm up and stretching, bodybuilding routines.
Every day you have a different training.
It doesn\’t matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. All training routines adjust to your level.

🍎 Feeding plans (Diets).
Remember that food is very important for results.
Great variety of personalized diets, 1400 calories, high-protein, low-carb diets, ketogenic diet, 7-day diet, emergency diet, healthy diet, free diet to lose plates, diet to lose plates, personalized diets and many more.
✔️ Additional application tools exercises with sleeves
◽ Calculate your macro nutrients to lower your belly quickly and have your chocolate tablet. Simply enter your data and you will know how many daily calories you consume to get your six pack.
Detailed information on sports nutrition supplements

◽ You have a monthly monitoring of your anthropometric measurements.
Tips Nutrition advice, physical training, gymnastics training nutrition, physical nutrition, belly in a week, abdominal fat loss, abdominals like rocks. Training plans for men.
◽ Create reminders for your meals or plates training

Barbell Workout – Routines Game screenshot :

Barbell Workout - Routines

Barbell Workout - Routines

Barbell Workout - Routines

Barbell Workout - Routines

Barbell Workout - Routines

Barbell Workout – Routines (69.5MB)

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