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Name KOLO Clean from GP PRO
Category Business
Size 27.5MB
Popularity 2106
Publisher Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP
Score 6.0
Publish Date 02/05/2022
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Mod Info:

KOLO Clean from GP PRO

KOLO Clean from GP PRO Game Introduction :

KOLO™ Clean is a mobile app primarily for on-the-go custodial staff. It’s part of GP PRO’s KOLO™ Smart Monitoring System, which joins proprietary sensor and communication technology with the industry-leading dependability of enMotion® and Compact® dispensers. KOLO™ System-enabled paper towel, toilet paper and soap/sanitizer dispensers connect to KOLO™ Clean via a proprietary cloud-based IoT platform. The technology assesses when products are low or out, when paper is jammed or when batteries need replacing, and communicates that information via timely KOLO Clean™ alerts and status reports to custodians and facility managers.

KOLO™ Clean helps you:

• Increase user satisfaction, because your custodians can proactively replenish products and help you avoid potential problems before they become complaints
• Boost labor efficiency and productivity, because you have the right employees doing the right tasks at the right time
• Ensure greater usage of products and decreased discarding of partially used rolls, because your custodians receive timely notifications when products need refilling

And through KOLO™ Clean, the KOLO™ System’s advanced sensors and sensing technology let you track products down to a ≈3% level. That allows the Estimated Time to Run-Out (ETR), a key metric of the System, to help determine which task should be tackled first. That helps you make the best use of your custodians’ time, and maximize your operational efficiency.

KOLO Clean from GP PRO Game screenshot :

KOLO Clean from GP PRO

KOLO Clean from GP PRO

KOLO Clean from GP PRO (27.5MB)

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