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Powernap – Powerfull nap tool

Powernap – Powerfull nap tool Game Introduction :

We have all been confronted with a slump during our day, a feeling of fatigue. Often because the night\’s sleep was not sufficiently restorative or simply because our own biological clock dictates its cycle.
Do You sometimes have the feeling that events are overtaking you, that everything is going too fast? Stress rises and you are losing control of your emotions?

These states are often a handicap in the middle of our day, they occur at a time when we must be vigilant, attentive and focused. They penalize our work and the daily tasks that fakk to us. More seriously, they lead us to a state of drowsiness that can sometimes be harmful.

Fortunately, there is a simple, quick and effective method: the power nap! This short moment of calm and rest allows you to considerably improve your physical and psychological state. It sharpens your alertness, reduces your fatigue while improving your physical and cognitive capacity. Your memory will be improved, allowing you to be more efficient and creative in your daily life. Finally, it regulates your hormone levels, reducing stress and refocusing your emotions.

That\’s why we designed the PowerNap tool, a wellness and productivity app built around the power nap method. It will allow you to quickly and simply regain energy, improve your memory, reduce your stress and make you more creative. By adapting to you and your schedule, you will effectively recharge your batteries and get back to your best! PowerNap aims to install a new healthy and sustainable habit by adapting your powernaps to your needs. Designed to be easy to use, it will be your daily ally in staying energized and making the most of your brainpower.

Key features:

⭐Easy to use
⭐Fully customizable nap time
⭐AI to help you create customized nap
⭐Statistics to follow your nap habit
⭐Create a long term healthy habit
⭐Listening ambient song during a nap.
🌟More to come

The art of nap

The nap is a healthy habit, done well can bring you many benefits. The nap bring freshness, can complement short night. Moreover it sharpen your mental to be at the top of your capabilities (boost memory, improve performance). And finally help to reduce stress, improve wellness, alertness and creativity. Power nap is a perfect method to fulfill these goal while integrated in your agenda.

Personalize your nap

A successful power nap must be brief and not enter in deep sleep. The state before deep sleep (”hypnogogic\” nap), it unlocks free flowing creative thoughts. This method is used by skipper, astronauts, etc… . Even Enstein and Dali make power nap frequently to boost theirs capacities. Moreover, avoid deep sleep is important to not be too asleep at wake up and to have difficulties to restart. With these principles, a nap must be a personalized habit with perfect timing fitting your needs. No need to really sleep, only close eyes bring wellness and recover benefits.

How Powernap can help ?

With its simple and easy to use design, Powernap help you to achieve perfect naps.
Choose your time and have some rest!

Fully customizable sleep time make powernap a tool that adapt to you and not the contrary.
Powernap analyze your sleep results and help you define the right nap time!
At last Powernap help you to install a new wellness habit in your life that make you more rested, creative, productive and zen.

Keep track of your nap habit with a dedicated follow up screen.
In this view you can access how many nap you make per month and the total duration. This way PowerNap help you to build a healthy recurring habit.
Are you feeling tired? with this counters you have access to your power nap times to help you to adjust their frequencies or durations.

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Powernap – Powerfull nap tool Game screenshot :

Powernap - Powerfull nap tool

Powernap - Powerfull nap tool

Powernap - Powerfull nap tool

Powernap - Powerfull nap tool

Powernap - Powerfull nap tool

Powernap – Powerfull nap tool ()

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