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The game of famous generals

The game of famous generals Game Introduction :

\”Master\’s Game\” Chapter 1-\”Meeting Heroes\”
Lord: \”Who is standing in the hall?\”
Picture: \”I am under the tent of the Hahayou Studio Zero Zero Prefect, the art general, the original painting hou, and the picture is also the same.\”
Lord: \”Haha You Studio? How come I have never heard of Gu?\”
Picture: \”My Haha Tour Studio started on the shores of the East China Sea. I wrote \”The Three Kingdoms of Characters\” before it. There are eight generals under the current account.
Lord: \”What\’s the point of coming here?\”
Picture: \”Coming from the game \”The Game of the Famous Generals\” specially for the mobile phone of the generals, I want to make the two armies a good alliance forever (by appointment).\”
Lord: \”Oh? \”The Game of Famous Generals\”, what kind of game is it?\”
Picture: \”It\’s also a national style, ink and wash strategy game of the Three Kingdoms (manually like)\”
Lord: \”Since I played the game, my mobile phone has been around for three generations. There are so many games. What kind of game I haven\’t seen? How interesting is the game in an eight-person town in the area of ​​Langer? Or so, drive this person and me out of the door! \”
Picture: \”Ahahahahahahaha! (tactical laughter)\”
Lord: \”Wait! Why are you laughing?\”
Picture: \”I thought that the general was a person who really loved to travel, but today I look at it! It\’s ridiculous! Zero, you don\’t know people! Stop!\”
Lord: \”I have been in contact with games since I was a child, and I have learned a lot about it. I have seen a lot of them. What does it mean to be ignorant of games?\”
Picture: \”General Rongbing! There are five games that are different from other games.\”
Lord: \”Oh? Please try to speak alone\”
Picture: \”First, the national style ink and wash is meticulously drawn, referring to the line drawing of the traditional little book, combined with the thin-coated ink and wash, it is a school of its own, with its true characteristics.
Second, the original nine-square grid alternates to fight. Every battle must consider the overall planning of arms, formation, and position. The strategic dimensions are really rich.
Third, the characteristics of the eight arms of the three arms system. There is an obvious restraint relationship between different types of arms, and the level of arms can be transformed without loss, which is really refreshing.
Fourth, repairing the dilapidated city walls, re-cultivating barren farmland, and rebuilding the ever-changing bazaar will give the people peace and justice in the troubled times.
Fifth, there are rich colored eggs and diverse fun, or visit the reclusive wise men in the mountains and forests, or drive a small boat out to the sea to find immortals and visits, or bring three or two friends to the rivers and lakes. Really happy too.
With these five points, is it enough to entertain the general\’s eyes and ears? \”
Lord: \”Sir, what is the truth?\”
Picture: \”An dare to deceive the general?!\”
Lord: \”Okay!!! (suddenly) I want to find these games for a long time! Listen to your husband\’s words, if you see the sun and see the sun, you will be stunned! The talent is impolite, and the gentleman is fortunate!\”
Picture: \”Don\’t I know that generals are people who love talents. I just used words to play with the ears. Don\’t blame the generals.\”
Lord: \”Well, come here, put a drink for Mr. Tutu to receive the wind, my two armies will always be alliance after today (appointment)\”
Lord, Tutu: \”Hahahahaha (looks at each other and laughs)…\”

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