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Name The Sea of Time
Category Puzzle
Size 940.5MB
Popularity 2801
Publisher Yolkgame
Score 6.0
Publish Date 30/01/2023
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Mod Info:

The Sea of Time

The Sea of Time Game Introduction :

\”Sea of ​​Time\” is an adventure game with a female protagonist in the near future produced by YOLK studio. The background of the game is set in Haici City in 2030. With the discovery of space-time particles, Jinghai Travel Agency was born. Guides can use Jinghai technology to lead tourists back to their hometowns.

If the number of pre-booked participants reaches 10,000, you can unlock the 10-draw card reward after going online.

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【Features Introduction】

The heroine is a time guide who works for Mirror Sea Travel Agency. Two years ago, she was trapped in the sea of ​​time, but she couldn\’t remember anything about herself after she was rescued. The sea of ​​time\’s \”mirror sea crossing\” shows that she has no experience, just like a blank sheet of paper, so she, who can\’t find her past, becomes the only person here without a past. Until one day, she received a special commission, the content of which was \”Agent Time Travel\”, and this brought her back to a cat on the last day of 2027…

[Live-action interpretation of wonderful suspenseful plot] Live-action film-level shooting, high-standard on-site shooting, and a suspenseful script of nearly one million words!

[Crossing the Sea of ​​Time and Feeling the Real Temperature of Passengers] Get to know the tourists because of time travel, know the real stories of the tourists, and feel the temperature of the world…

[3D modeling, high-level art picture] S-level art team, build an elegant and dreamy mirror sea travel agency, and create a gorgeous visual feast!

[Easy to break through the level and save the time of boring fragments] The first card elimination RPG gameplay, adventure through the level with your partners, and defeat the afterimages of time and space shuttle!

The Sea of Time Game screenshot :

The Sea of Time(Test) screenshot image 1

The Sea of Time(Test) screenshot image 2

The Sea of Time(Test) screenshot image 3

The Sea of Time(Test) screenshot image 4

The Sea of Time(Test) screenshot image 5

The Sea of Time (940.5MB)

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